Mobile Car Seat Fitting - Service Area

As part of the Child Restraint fitting Network (group of ACRI trained Child Restraint Technicians,
We cover nearly all of Bayside, Port Phillip, and inner Melbourne, In most cases can meet you at your home of office.

Car Seat Fitting Cost

car seat fitting cost

First Carseat

For the First car seat the cost of the installation is $50, this includes installation certificate, Safety Check list, demo on how to use your carseat and we come to you

fit three carseats across the back seat

2 or more car seats

When there are 2 or more carseats to install the cost is ONLY $40 per carseat. We still provide the install certificate, the check list and we come to you

Family Day Care

As a Family day care provider we can come and check your child restraints for $50 for 4 child restraints. This includes a report for each seat and any minor adjustments.

Test Fitting

We can meet you at the baby store, so that we can find the best combination of baby car seat so that you can fit three child restraints across the back seat.

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